Vision, Mission, Goals


  • To be a leader in the automotive spare parts market in Lithuania and to be strategically reliable partner.


  • To fulfill commitments to partners, employees and shareholders.
  • To apply quick, fair and reasonable decisions about business expansion, company management and employment policy.
  • To increase the competitiveness of the business sectors in which the company is investing.
  • To be a loyal partner, implement ideas of the customers and fulfill their needs.
  • To give to the market only high quality and reliable products and services.
  • To guarantee professional customer service quality, ensuring customer’s satisfaction of the services and products.


  • To increase the capabilities of RSD Group by fully developing the activities of group companies, applying innovative management methods, improving working conditions for employees.
  • To expand the chain of car maintenance centers and shops in the strategic places of Lithuania.
  • To seek for the constant expansion of the company and quality level growth by actively developing trade relations with suppliers of automotive spare parts.
  • To develop the assortment of the products and services and ensure continuous supply of high quality automotive spare parts for the companies of the group.
  • To meet customer’s need promptly and qualitatively.